Troy Williamson

Finance and Operations Manager
Phone: 1300 773 273

Troy Williamson

Troy is our Finance and Operations Manager. He’s a hard-working, caring guy who focuses on helping everyone else at SpeechEase to enjoy their work.

As a kid, Troy was too busy having fun to think much about what he wanted to do when he grew up. He thought electronics might be interesting but somehow ended up learning to be a baker. Then he joined the Army, which gave him the chance to travel, something he continued doing after leaving the Defence Force. He wants to go back to New York at some point but his favourite places are Ireland and Scotland. He reckons celebrating Hogmanay in Edinburgh was the absolute best.

Troy loves his job at SpeechEase because he knows that all those spreadsheets, finance and management issues have a bigger purpose. Because he manages the clinic well, our therapists can dedicate themselves to helping adults and children improve their communication skills — and Troy gets a kick out of that.

When the clinic is closed, Troy indulges his love of cricket. You’ll often find him playing or watching a match or enjoying a meal at a local restaurant or pub. Stop and say ‘hi’ if you see him around.