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MunchEase Mealtime Program in Mansfield, Mackay and Townsville

The MunchEase Mealtime Clinic provides assessment and intervention services to children who are having difficulties with picky or fussy eating due to potential trauma, delayed oral motor skills, disability or sensory aversions.

Multidisciplinary team approach

MunchEase Mealtime Clinic offers a multidisciplinary team approach consisting of a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and Dietitian. The team works together to best understand your child’s needs by integrating motor, oral, behavioural and medical factors, determining sensory sensitivities and nutritional deficits to holistically manage your child’s needs using an individualised approach.

Sequential oral sensory (SOS) approach to feeding

MunchEase Mealtime Clinic is trained in the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding which is a play-based intervention with the goal of increasing your child’s willingness to try and tolerate new foods. A subsequent and indirect benefit of the SOS Approach to Feeding is increased intake of foods and weight gain however this is not the main focus of the intervention. Limiting this as the focus on intervention, ensures your child remains in a calm and stress free state allowing them to learn and explore new foods freely and a rate that is suitable for them.

What can you expect from the initial appointment?

The initial assessment goes for approximately 90 minutes and involves the entire team. Your child will be observed eating a meal at your home, with family members who they would typically eat with. This is to ensure we are able to see what your child can do in their most natural eating environment. We will look at their oral motor skills, sensory processing and nutritional intake. Your child’s developmental history will also be discussed during this appointment and an individualised therapy plan will be developed. A comprehension report can be provided at your request for an additional fee.

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