Allied Health Assistant Program in Mansfield, Mackay and Townsville

Allied Health Assistant Program in Mansfield, Mackay and Townsville

SpeechEase are now able to offer you the support of an Allied Health Assistant Program during your time with us. There are so many benefits for accessing the Allied Health Assistant Program. For most of our clients, the more practice they get with a trained professional, the more likely and quickly they are to achieve their goals. Therefore, by seeing an AHA you may be able to increase how frequently you access therapy services for a fraction of the cost!

What is an Allied Health Assistant?

At SpeechEase, an Allied Health Assistant (or AHA for short) is someone who is studying a Cert IV in Allied Health Assisting with specific Speech Pathology elective subjects or is studying Speech Pathology at university.

What does an Allied Health Assistant do?

Allied Health Assistants support your Speech Pathologist by providing therapy that helps you achieve your goals.

They may do this by being in the room while you’re seeing the Speech Pathologist or while you are in a session with your AHA without the Speech Pathologist present.

If it’s without the Speech Pathologist present in the session, the AHA is given a plan to follow from your treating Speech Pathologist which they must stick to – they can’t change the plan, adapt the goals, or give you any advice that is outside of what the plan from the Speech Pathologist states.

AHA’s are not allowed to do formal assessments, make diagnoses, develop goals, determine a therapy plan, or review your progress. They can do informal observations, complete a therapy session following a plan from your Speech Pathologist, and give feedback to your Speech Pathologist as to whether a review may be required.

What does it cost to work with an Allied Health Assistant?

Currently, the hourly rate for an Allied Health Assistant is $86.79. This price is charged on a pro-rata basis with a minimum of 15 minutes and then every 5 minutes after that, regardless of what activity the AHA is completing for you – it could be for a session, making a resource, or getting a report started for the therapist to finalise. The travel fee for an Allied Health Assistant to meet you at home, school/daycare, or somewhere else in the community is $43.39.

*You can download program information here.

Keen to learn more?

Let your Speech Pathologist know you would be interested in using the Allied Health Assistant service and discuss with them how it could work for you, and if they think it will be beneficial.

Once it has been determined that this service would be beneficial for you, your Speech Pathologist will develop a plan outlining what exactly this looks like and a service agreement will be done up, so you are fully aware of the costs involved for your tailored program.

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