Speech Therapy for Adults in Mansfield, Mackay and Townsville

SpeechEase can provide Speech Therapy for adults in three convenient locations across Queensland. Our friendly and experienced team of Speech Pathologists can support adults who believe that communication and swallowing difficulties are limiting their ability to participate fully in their chosen daily activities. This may include social activities, further education, employment, sporting/recreational activities and interpersonal relationships.  

Our private practice clinics are located in Townsville, Mackay, and Brisbane and our clinicians can also offer ongoing therapy via telehealth for suitable clients. 

Speech Therapy for Adults may include: 

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

SpeechEase can help you achieve your communication goals using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) methods. A friendly and experienced clinician will assess your current communication level and, with your help, select an AAC device that best suits your individual needs and communication goals. We will then support you to put your new voice into action in your everyday life.  

Fluency Therapy

SpeechEase works with adults of all ages who experience stuttering or difficulties producing clear and consistent speech due to conditions like Dysarthria. This area of practice is known as Fluency, and our team of experienced Speech Pathologists can provide assessment and ongoing therapy to address your fluency difficulties. 

Voice Therapy

SpeechEase also offers support to adults with voice difficulties. Vocal challenges can be caused by vocal overuse, surgical treatments, or may be caused by progressive neurological difficulties like Parkinson’s Disease. 

Adults with Parkinson’s Disease often experience difficulties with being understood due to slurred or quiet speech. At SpeechEase our passionate clinicians are trained in the SPEAK OUT!® approach – an evidence-based therapy that has been shown to provide great outcomes for adults with Parkinson’s Disease.  

Swallowing Therapy

SpeechEase Speech Therapists for Adults are highly trained in assessing and treating swallowing difficulties. Our team can provide one-off assessments as well as ongoing assessments as part of your treatment plan – this is particularly beneficial for adults with progressive neurological conditions that impact swallowing over time, like Parkinson’s Disease. Our SpeechEase Speech Therapists can also develop mealtime management plans for adults who require a modified diet to support safe swallowing.  

Rehabilitation Support

SpeechEase can provide Speech Pathology for Adults who have experienced a recent hospitalisation and are recovering from conditions that impact communication and swallowing. Adults who have had a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other acute injury that requires ongoing rehabilitation support can be seen by Speech Pathologists at SpeechEase for ongoing assessment and therapy. 


SpeechEase can provide training for family members, community organisations/clubs and support workers at your preferred location. 

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