Our Story

At SpeechEase Speech Therapy, our passionate team show up every day driven by
our core purpose:

To give people a voice for them to shout to the world who they are.

From our experienced Speech Pathologists to our incredible Clinic Support Team, we are all dedicated to helping our clients and their families to break down speech, language, and swallowing challenges in order to achieve their goals.

Regardless of age, disability, or difficulties, our team at SpeechEase Speech Therapy are equipped with evidence-based techniques to support our clients in communicating with the world and having enjoyable mealtimes.

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Our Core Values

At SpeechEase, we have four core values that lay the foundation for everything we do. These values show up in the way we interact with our fellow team members, with our clients, and with the communities we work within. Get to know our values below.

We Foster Growth

We are passionate about growth and learning. We reflect and evolve. We encourage individuality. We love working with you to achieve your goals. We are relentless in the pursuit of the best outcomes. We get it done!

We Are Professionally Fun

We bring the energy and keep it fun. We are creative. We think outside of the box. We are person-centred and evidence based. We focus on what matters to you. We work hard, play hard, recharge.

We Care, A Lot

We are open minded, transparent, and flexible. We keep it simple. We listen, we respond and support in every way. We do what we say we will. We deliver every time. We are honest. We treat you and each other like family.

We Go Above and Beyond

We create WOW experiences. We go the extra mile. We are inclusive and value support networks. We advocate for the best. We invest in innovative technology and professional development.

Your Experience at SpeechEase

From the moment you call our friendly clinic support team, or walk through our clinic doors, there’s an experience we aim for you to enjoy.

Our intention is for each and every experience at SpeechEase to leave you feeling happy, motivated, and equipped with the knowledge you need to overcome your concerns. It’s one of the reasons our team are so passionate about providing education to our clients and their loved ones.

We know the importance of continuing practice and learning outside of the therapy room, so we’ll also do our best to support you in implementing practical tips and activities into your routine to enhance your therapy outcomes.

If at any point you require a teletherapy option or a tailored home program to continue progressing towards your goals, our team will gladly arrange this for you. After all, it’s our purpose to give people a voice to shout to the world who they are, and that’s what we aim to support through every experience at SpeechEase.