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We are a team of experienced individuals with a desire to help those with speech, swallowing and language challenges. We are passionate about assisting our clients, regardless of their age, disability or difficulties, to communicate with the world and have enjoyable mealtimes.

Through evidence-based techniques, our professional team of therapists provide outcome driven therapy sessions. We are dedicated to helping our clients break down their speech, language and swallowing challenges and achieve their goals!

Our team is full of caring, fun and loveable characters who see working at SpeechEase as being part of a bigger family and want their clients to feel that as well. We want every experience at SpeechEase to leave you feeling happy, motivated and equipped with the knowledge you need to overcome your concerns. This is why our team is passionate about providing education to our clients and their loved ones. One of our most used mantras is “educate yourself out of a job” because we know that it’s not just what we do in sessions that makes the difference – it’s what is done every other minute away from therapy.

We have private practices in Townsville and Mackay. We also provide telehealth services using Zoom for people wanting to access our services from anywhere outside these locations.

To find out more information about each of our team, click the links below.

Director and Principal Speech Pathologist

Although Kate doesn’t work clinically anymore, she has a passion for providing education and support to her team to assist them in getting the best outcomes for their clients.

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Finance and Operations Manager

Troy is our Finance and Operations Manager. He’s a hard-working, caring guy who focuses on helping everyone else at SpeechEase to enjoy their work.

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