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A Day In The Clinic

The world of Private Practice Speech Pathology is rewarding, exciting, and something that we can’t wait to share with you.  

If you’re a final year Speech Pathology student (4th year of Bachelor’s, 2nd year of Master’s), or an experienced Speech Pathologists looking to explore alternative professional settings, we’d love to introduce you to SpeechEase Private Practice life for a day. 

Join the friendly SpeechEase team in Townsville, Mackay, or Brisbane for your ‘A Day in the Clinic’ experience and see first-hand what it’s like working in private practice and at SpeechEase.  

a day in the clinic experience

How Does It Work?

Our ‘A Day in the Clinic’ experience takes work shadowing to a whole other level! Upon enquiring we’ll give you a call to discuss your interest in the Private Practice space, your background, and what you hope to get out of experiencing a day in a SpeechEase clinic.  

On the day, we’ll take you on a clinic tour in the morning and get you acquainted with our little slice of heaven. From our brightly-coloured therapy rooms to our brimming resources room, there’s lots to see in a SpeechEase clinic.  

Throughout the day, you’ll get to shadow some of our SpeechEase Speech Pathologists as they deliver engaging evidence-based Speech Therapy.  

At lunchtime, you’ll leave the clinic with one of our experienced clinicians where you’ll have the opportunity to ask all the burning questions that will have built up over the morning. 

In the early afternoon you may see a few more clients with our Speech Pathologists, and then after a final word with your main contact, you’ll be free to head home and soak in all that you’ve encountered throughout the day. 

This sounds great! Sign me up.

Keen to book your ‘A Day in the Clinic’ experience at SpeechEase? Fill out our expression of interest form below and we’ll be in touch soon with more information.

*Please note: We are currently not accepting applications for this experience at our Mansfield (Brisbane) clinic.  


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