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Speech Group Therapy Service in Mansfield, Mackay and Townsville

SpeechEase offers evidence-based, highly engaging speech group therapy services that support building practical skills and achieving specific outcomes. These group therapy programs are typically run with an intensive approach, taking place across multiple sessions in a 1-2 week period.

All of the SpeechEase Speech Group Therapy programs are facilitated by qualified Speech Pathologists, meaning we keep your child’s needs in mind and offer the supports they need to achieve the goals of the program.

Have a read below to find out what Speech Group Therapy Programs we’re running for a variety of age groups, what each of the group therapy programs target, when they are on, and how much they cost. If one of them stands out to you, register your interest today or contact our friendly team for further information.


Help your child build the skills they need to thrive in ‘big school’ by enrolling them in our upcoming PrepEase Prep Readiness Program.

Our PrepEase program includes 6 sessions over the two-week school holiday period. This group is for children aged 4 to 5 and a half years old, who have just started in 2023 or are expecting to start Prep in 2024 

Your child will develop the skills to:

⭐ Begin to spell and read

⭐ Take turns and wait

⭐ Respond to questions

⭐ Share with others

⭐ Follow directions



Is your child a late talker? If your child is between 18 months and 3 years old and they are not reaching their expressive language milestones, but are otherwise developing typically, they are most likely a late talker. 

Join other parents and caregivers to learn evidence-based approaches to support your child’s language development.

You will learn approaches for:

⭐ Language-rich play

⭐ Language stimulation

⭐ Encouraging turn taking

⭐ Extending sentences

⭐ Expanding vocabulary



Build confident and collaborative social communication skills in our SmartEase group therapy program for kids aged 9 and a half to 11 and a half years old.

The small group setting provides a safe space for children to learn and apply a range of social communication skills while working in a team to build LEGO® structures.  

This program will help build the skills to:

⭐ Negotiate and make decisions

⭐ Collaborate with others

⭐ Take turns with others

⭐ Work in a team

⭐Form relationships with others


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