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Regional Relocation Program

What if your Speech Pathology career could take you on the adventure of a lifetime? 

With your Speech Pathology degree in hand, you’ve got the skills and the passion to make your dreams come true. The only thing left is to find an opportunity to spread your wings, while being supported to become the best Speech Pathologist you can be. 

Here at SpeechEase Speech Therapy, we have two well established Speech Pathology clinics in regional Queensland cities – Mackay and Townsville. With the large demand for services in the regions, we’re committed to growing our regional teams so we can better support our community and clients across the lifespan.  

That’s why we’ve created our Regional Relocation Program; for Speech Pathologists of all experience levels. 

If you’d like a change of scenery, and an unmissable career opportunity, keep on reading. 

Benefits of the SpeechEase Regional Relocation Program

$2000 Relocation Support Payment

Making the move to a new city can get a little pricey! To support you in your move to the regional city of your choice, we’ll give you a $2000 relocation support payment upon accepting a role with us. We’ll also give you tips to help you find the perfect new home for you and your loved ones.

Lifestyle Balance with Flexible Admin Hours

With our flexible admin hours and workday structure, you’ll be able to enjoy the lifestyle balance you’ve always wanted. Once you’ve got your streams (working clinically in the mornings or afternoons) you’ll be able to complete admin from home – or wherever you’d prefer! .

Generous $5,000 PD Package

Supporting you to become the best Speech Pathologist you can be is our priority! That’s why we offer a generous $10,000 professional development package. We’ve got a big list of PD’s that we recommend attending, but if you have your eye on a certain area, we’ll help you upskill and gain clinical confidence.

Bonus Week of Leave Every Year

Wouldn’t it be nice to have extra time to explore the beaches, rainforests, hiking trails and holiday destinations surrounding the regions? We think so! Or would you like an extra week to head home and see family? That’s why we offer an extra week of leave every year!

Build Your Dream Career Pathway

When you think about the future of your Speech Pathology career, we know there’s something on your heart. Whether you’d like to pursue Clinical Excellence and team leadership or even Clinic Ownership, we’ll work with you to map out your pathway (and actionable steps!) to your dream.

Be Supported by an Incredible Team

Working at SpeechEase means becoming a part of an impact-driven team that cares deeply about clients, community, and of course, one another. With an annual team retreat and culture awards and prizes, there’s so much to love about being on the SpeechEase team.

Zia's Story - SpeechEase Regional Relocation Program

Packing up your life and moving to a new city, away from family, friends, and everything you’ve come to know is a daunting experience for anyone. But, for Zia, this was a great opportunity to explore Australia and kickstart her Speech Pathology career as a new graduate. 

During her time as an ACU student, Zia actually got to meet and befriend one of our other incredible Speech Pathologists, Kelsey! Kelsey made the move to Mackay with us at the start of 2021 and after discovering there was an opportunity for her to have a regional adventure of her own, Zia knew she had to give it a go. 

To make the adventure even sweeter, one of her close university friends also secured a regional Speech Pathology role, so they were able to make the move together! There’s nothing better than having a good friend by your side to support you during a big life change like this, and we’re so happy for Zia that it all fell into place. 

Zia SpeechEase Regional Relocation Program


Why Move to the Regions?

Picture this: 

You’ve spent the morning working your way through client sessions, supporting a diverse caseload with clients across the lifespan.
You’ve had a couple of light-hearted chats with your colleagues in between, made a couple of warm cuppas in the kitchen, and even tried out a new therapy resource for the first time. Now it’s lunchtime, and you’re packing up to head out to a local café opposite your favourite beach.

There, you spend the next couple of hours typing up your progress notes, reports, and answering emails. You’re also starting to get excited for the weekend, because after you finish up at lunchtime on Friday or starting late on Monday (like you do every week!) you’re driving out to Airlie Beach for a weekend getaway. With snorkelling and a scenic flight over the reef planned, you know you’ve got a whole lot of memorable moments ahead of you. 

Moving to the regions as a Speech Pathologist offers so many lifestyle benefits. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys going for hikes, camping, sitting by the beach, and exploring new places, it’s the perfect place to work – even if only for a short stint! 

Finding a job that supports you in creating a flexible lifestyle and memorable experiences is always worth taking a chance on. 

regional relocation program

Now Hiring!

New Graduate Speech Pathologists (Mackay) 

Are you graduating with a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Speech Pathology this year? Or perhaps you’ve *just* graduated and are looking for a new grad role with a difference. Our regional relocation program could be perfect for you!  


Senior Speech Pathologists (Mackay) 

Experienced clinicians with a love for working with clients across the lifespan are encouraged to apply for our regional relocation program. Even better, if you would like to support and mentor clinicians and grow your leadership capabilities, we’ll help you make that happen! 

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