Tanya Lee

Email: info@speechease.net.au
Phone: 1300 773 273

Tanya Lee

Tanya is an experienced medical receptionist who joined SpeechEase’s Townsville practice when she felt ready for a change after 20 years working at a chiropractic clinic. She’s found the folks at SpeechEase to be patient, friendly and supportive and considers them part of her extended family.

Family’s very important to Tanya. She’s one of seven kids and greatly admires her wonderful mum (who’s now helping to raise the grandkids!). Tanya’s favourite times are when her whole family gathers around the kitchen table to play games or eat together.

Tanya originally pursued her dream of ballroom dancing but had to set that aside following an injury that still affects her all these years later. She’s had to be resilient in the face of adversity and she admires that trait in the adults and kids who come to SpeechEase. She’s learned not to sweat the small stuff but rather to be positive and have a good outlook on life.

Tanya’s versatility helps the Townsville clinic run smoothly. She handles the admin side of booking appointments and answering phone calls but also lends a hand to the therapists if they need support during a session. She also creates cards, books or prompts for patients to use in their speech exercises.

Tanya loves getting to know the people who come to SpeechEase. It’s a special feeling when a shy child begins to connect or an adult talks more confidently. It’s lovely to see people making progress. Tanya herself tries to be better each day, to learn something new and become smarter than yesterday.

Perhaps because she’s spent so much of her life in the tropics, Tanya would love to have a White Christmas one day, maybe in New York. In the meantime, she’s looking forward to the next family get-together.