Olivia Flint

Speech Pathologist
Email: info@speechease.net.au
Phone: 1300 773 273

Olivia Flint

Olivia loves helping people find their confidence so they can reach their potential. She became a speech pathologist because she wanted to help people express who they are.

Always drawn to caring professions, Olivia initially wanted to be a vet and care for animals. That’s probably because she grew up surrounded by them on a grazing property in western Queensland. She still has a ‘bleeding heart’ for animal welfare and would love to visit a special kangaroo sanctuary near Alice Springs one day.

Today, she shares her home with two cats and a dog. Once she’s let the dog run around a bit, she heads into work, finding that the peaceful drive through open countryside helps get her into a good mindset for the day ahead.

Olivia brings an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to her role, which helps her clients to have fun during their sessions. But she’s thorough too, paying close attention, taking careful notes and monitoring progress so people can celebrate their successes. She likes empowering family members to participate in their loved ones therapy and admires the different ways people remain positive and supportive while dealing with challenges.

When she’s not at work, Olivia loves being outdoors. You might find her riding her horse down to the creek or playing a game of beach volleyball, a sport she’s loved since school.