Molly Paterson

Speech Pathologist
Phone: 1300 773 273

Molly Paterson

Molly is a friendly, flexible, quiet achiever who reckons she gets her work ethic and her caring nature from her parents. As a kid, she dreamt of becoming an artist. She’s a bit too busy to draw often now but she channels that creativity into her speech therapy work, seeking to find different approaches to treatment that will help each unique client.

SpeechEase is a great team, in Molly’s book, and she values the resources and ongoing training available here. She particularly enjoys early language intervention therapies. Some of her best moments on the job are when a non-verbal child learns to communicate using symbols or keyword signs. It’s a delight to watch them begin to express themselves.

In school, when she wasn’t drawing, Molly wondered if anyone would pay her to test video games (they never did!). By Year 12, she knew she wanted to be some kind of health professional and then learnt about speech therapy. It’s valuable work with both kids and adults and can be done in many different settings. Molly’s even worked as a speechie in East Timor on a uni placement.

When she’s not working, Molly loves hanging out with her family and friends, playing board games or going for a swim in a local waterhole. She wants to travel more, hoping to visit Europe, Africa and America some day. And she’d love to go up in a hot air balloon some day.

  • Bachelor of Speech Pathology from James Cook University
  • Clinical experience in Timor-Leste
  • Member of Speech Pathology Australia
  • Available in Mackay