Kass Garner

Speech Pathologist
Email: info@speechease.net.au
Phone: 1300 773 273

Kass Garner

Kass came to speech therapy after a few years in corporate admin and customer service roles left her feeling that she wanted to make a difference to people’s lives in a way that was fun and joyful.

The sense of meaning, purpose and joy is reignited in the tear-jerking moment when a client first expresses themselves using Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) techniques or when a parent tells Kass that their child is now greeting people and establishing friendships for the first time.

Kass treats a range of clients, including adults and children with behavioural difficulties, those on the autism spectrum, with Down Syndrome or with complex backgrounds. She loves working with families and increasing people’s opportunities to engage in life and have their own voice. She builds an easy rapport with clients and takes a flexible, ‘big picture’ approach to therapy.

Kass is a bubbly, enthusiastic person who nominates Sunday afternoon as the best time of the week. She likes being out on her boat, playing with her dogs or tending to her garden and is usually happiest when she’s creating or cooking something. She’s keen to see a society that’s more inclusive of people with disabilities and where social and youth justice goals are realised. She admires the parents of kids who come to SpeechEase, applauding their positivity and their advocacy for their children.

There’s an eclectic mix of things on Kass’ bucket list. She’d love to attend an Indian wedding, aims to achieve a yoga headstand, fancies dyeing her hair green or getting dreadlocks and wants to visit the most northerly, easternly, southerly and westerly points of Australia.

  • Bachelor of Speech Pathology at James Cook University
  • Clinical experience in Timor-Leste
  • Research project on Speech Pathology involvement with youth justice
  • Member of Speech Pathology Australia