Jasmin Harraway

Speech Pathologist
Email: info@speechease.net.au
Phone: 1300 773 273

Jasmin Harraway

When Jasmin was growing up, her sister saw a speech therapist and it made chatty, inquisitive Jasmin consider how she’d feel if she couldn’t communicate easily. She planned to be a vet at that point, but felt too sad about animals dying. Make-up artistry was another job option but being colour-blind made it a bit tricky.

A high school careers advisor suggested speech therapy and Jasmin has loved it ever since. She enjoys the variety of working with so many people of different ages, personalities and backgrounds who are facing a range of communication challenges. Jasmin is flexible and compassionate in her approach and she’s a dedicated advocate for people with communication difficulties.

One of her most memorable patients was a toddler who had only 5 words and significant language delay. After two years of therapy, this child had caught up and had age-appropriate language and only minor speech delay.  It was a really satisfying, meaningful result for the family and for Jasmin too.

Jasmin shares a busy household with her extended family, including her much-loved niece and nephew. She admires people who work hard and have goals but balance that with family time and the empathy needed to see other people’s perspectives.

Jasmin’s usually up early to get to the gym and packs a lot into each day. She’s never yet been beyond Australia but she’d love to spend Christmas in New York City one year.

  • Bachelor of Speech Pathology at James Cook University
  • Introductory Auslan course
  • Qualified to provide the PROMPT technique
  • Project work focussing on classroom performance and engagement
  • Member of Speech Pathology Australia