Eden Lee

Speech Pathologist
Email: info@speechease.net.au
Phone: 1300 773 273

Eden Lee

There’s nothing quite like the feeling Eden gets when a child she’s working with says a word for the first time. It’s an exciting, breakthrough moment, often accompanied by tears of joy from family members.

Eden is from a close family herself. Indeed, the person she most admires is her kind, selfless and humble mum, Tanya, who also works at SpeechEase.

For many years, Eden planned to be a dentist. Then, in Grade 12, she heard about speech pathology. It appealed to her because it was a varied and unusual career that really helped children and adults develop their communication and swallowing skills.

Eden feels privileged to be part of a client’s journey as they gain skills that help them uncover their potential. She takes a flexible approach to her work, willing to try different therapy options to find the right one for each client.

After a busy day at SpeechEase, Eden refreshes herself by relaxing for half an hour or so at home before cooking dinner. She loves enjoying a delicious meal with family and friends and, while she has a few favourite restaurants, she finds that there’s something richly satisfying about being at home.

Eden is a Queenslander by birth but has a worldwide outlook. She wants to set foot on every continent (only five to go!) and would love to volunteer with Operation Smile. That’s a wonderful charity that provides surgery to kids with cleft lips and palates who live in developing countries where they can’t get the help they need. Once they’ve had the op, they can learn to eat and talk more easily. That’s a cause close to her heart.

  • Bachelor of Speech Pathology at James Cook University
  • Experience working in a hospital setting
  • Diploma in Dementia
  • Member of Speech Pathology Australia